So what’s this whole Jamberry thing anyway?

Adam's Favorite (tint) over Butterfly Kisses

Adam’s Favorite (tint) over Butterfly Kisses

*Psst . . . . this post is totally shameless self-promotion, but it’s also about something totally awesome, so you should still read it . . . . and definitely ask me questions and contact me if you’re interested in learning more!*

Direct sales. Ugh.

That was my thought too. I swear. I’ve attempted direct sales before for products that I absolutely loved, but my sponsor was some random I found online, and she was pushy and had one of those fake perky voices that sounded like she always had her nose up in the air. She gave me false information and then acted offended when I pointed it out. I didn’t last long, which is a shame because I really did love the products.

But I digress.

We were talking about direct sales and the “ugh” factor.

When my friend first became a consultant for Jamberry, I was vaguely curious, but I ignored all of the event invites for the first couple of months. Then the curiosity got the better of me, so I asked for a sample. Then it took me three weeks to actually try it . . . . and then direct sales or not, I was freaking hooked.

Here’s my first Jamicure (cheesy, I know, but I like cheese 😀 ) —

Love Spell (sadly, retired)

Love Spell (sadly, retired)

Within a month, I had signed up as a consultant. And I LOVE it! Am I making a gazillion dollars? No. But I’m making enough to pay for my habit with a few extra bucks on the side. And I’ve been in the process of moving and doing so many other things, so I haven’t gone full force into it yet.

So what exactly is Jamberry?

Date Night and Little Black Dress

Date Night and Little Black Dress

It’s a direct sales company that mostly offers nail wraps (they also sell nail lacquer and some hand and nail care items). The nail wraps are different from what you might find in a store because you use heat to apply them, which in turn makes them last longer. They are completely non-toxic, gluten-free, and cruelty free. And there are hundreds of designs to choose from!

Each sheet gets you 18 wraps, which is enough for 2 full manicures, 2 full pedicures, and some accent nails . . . . and most sheets cost $15 and are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

You can also design your own nail wraps in the Nail Art Studio (or check out my album of custom wraps). Here’s just one of my designs —-

Book Club 1

Book Club 1

I’ll be writing more about Jamberry as I continue along, though I promise it won’t be the sole focus of this blog. It’s one facet of my life . . . one of many! If you do want more information or want to try a free sample, please let me know! I need to get better about updating my FB business page, but I do offer specials and deals there as well!